Leading a Small Group for Young Adults

The Diocese of Pittsburgh Young Adult Leadership Team is dedicated to help parish young adult groups grow. Here are a few helpful hints to help you in leading a small group for discussions and community life:

1.    Invitation

⦁    Consider group size: Less than ten is ideal for group discussions; if there are more
then it may be beneficial to break into smaller groups.

2.    Hospitality

⦁    Consider group dynamics (add more about this)

⦁    Provide introductions and possibly name tags.

⦁    Plan your space: Are there enough chairs, and is the environment conducive to conversation?

⦁    Consider the time: Should you serve snacks/drinks, or possibly make the group a potluck?

⦁    Be respectful of time, i.e. begin and end on time.

3.    Information and Transformation:

⦁    Manage the conversation: Offer questions to stimulate discussion, and make sure
that the discussion stays on track.

⦁    Pray: As the group leader, pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction for your small group.

4.    Follow Up:

⦁    Continue the relationships outside of the group if possible.