Host Renew’s Theology on Tap

RENEW is a national program which you must have membership in to use the name “Theology on Tap” or any variance. Please consult membership materials for specific guidelines and tips.

Find a Venue- (a bar or pub with a private room is ideal)

⦁    Consider the size of your group and noise level when picking a location.
⦁    Establish a relationship with the venue and maintain this relationship. It will help you when your numbers vary and provides an opportunity to be a witness in the community

Select a time to meet

⦁    Consistency is a key for this – Set a time and stick with it.

Choose the Speaker

Since RENEW is a national program, here are the requirements for a speaker:

⦁    Education:

⦁    Bachelor’s Degree in Theology
⦁    Master’s Degree preferred

⦁    Must present a Curriculum Vitae to the Theology on Tap committee of the host parish.
⦁    Must be Catholic in good standing with approval by pastor of host parish.
⦁    Comfortable and experienced with speaking to young adults in their 20s and 30s.
⦁    Engaging and dynamic speaker
⦁    Capable of presenting faithful and balanced theology.
⦁    If the speaker is a priest or religious from outside of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, he or she must present a letter of good-standing from their diocese of religious community.


⦁    See our “How To” for communications for detailed information, but don’t forget:
⦁    Social Media
⦁    Create a LOGO
⦁    Create an EVENT
⦁    SHARE THE LINK EVERYWHERE! In your status, on friend’s pages, etc.
⦁    Parish Bulletin (they have deadlines!)
⦁    Emails to contacts
⦁    Personal Invitations