Getting a Bible Study Started

1.  Find a location – (a local parish, a coffee shop, someone’s house)

⦁    Consider the size of your group and noise level when picking a location.

2.  Select a time to meet

⦁    Consistency is a key for this – Set a time and stick with it.

3. Choose a leader/facilitator of the Bible Study

⦁    It’s important to have someone to guide the discussion and keep it going.
⦁    The leader should have a rough idea of what they would like to present to the group each week. Although structure is great to start out with, be open to where the Holy Spirit leads the discussion at Bible Study.

4. Determine what type of Bible Study you wish to start. – Prayer is key in discerning this. Factors to include are:

⦁    What is the spiritual level of the participants?
⦁    Is this a single gender or mixed Bible study?
⦁    Do you want to have assigned reading done before the Bible study or for the group to read the passage together at Bible study?

5. Decide what the group will study.

Suggestions include:
⦁    Readings for the following Sunday
⦁    A particular theme such as joy, faith, love, the Eucharist, etc.
⦁    A particular book of the Bible.

A few resources are:
⦁    Ignatius Catholic Bible Study

6. Advertise for your Bible Study

⦁   Submit your event for inclusion in our newsletter
⦁    Make a facebook event and invite your friends.
⦁    Advertise in your parish bulletin and the Pittsburgh Catholic (optional)
⦁    Most importantly, invite your friends face-to-face. Texting, facebook, and websites only go so far. It’s the personal touch that will get people to Bible study.
⦁    Pray for the success of your Bible Study

7. Follow-up

⦁    At your first meeting get people’s contact information.
⦁    A few days later, send people a follow-up email / Facebook message
⦁    Continue to invite people to Bible Study and ask for feedback to make it better.