Building Communities

Interested in starting a young adult community at your parish?  By providing “How-To” guides as a resource for Young Adult Ministry Initiatives, we hope to encourage various communities of Young Adults to take on the work of the New Evangelization!

If you have a “How To” Guide to share, or a request for assistance, please email and one of our Young Adult Leadership Team Liaisons will be happy to assist you!

During your life journey, continue to hope and to dream. We want to support you in every way we can, even as we acknowledge that this support has not always been present. This is one of the works of the Christian community—to help you live your life in Jesus Christ. Do not hesitate to make Jesus the center of your life, the focus of your choices in life. In the words of our Holy Father, “Build your lives on the one model that will not deceive you . . . open the Gospel and discover that Jesus Christ wants to be your ‘friend’ (cf. Jn 15:14). He wants to be your ‘companion’ at every stage on the road of life (cf. Lk 24:13-35). He wants to be the ‘way,’ your path through the anxieties, doubts, hopes and dreams of happiness (cf. Jn 14:6). He wants to be your God (cf. Mt 16:13-17).
~Sons and Daughters of the Light


Start and Maintain a Catholic Service Group

Promoting A Young Adult Ministry Group

Leading a Small Group for Young Adults

Getting a Bible Study Started

Host Renew’s Theology on Tap

What to Do When a Young Adult Calls or Emails