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For young adults (ages 18 to 39) who are looking to celebrate health, faith, and community. We invite anyone to join us, the more the merrier! We will pray before each game for a couple minutes, to thank God for the usually nice weather, and chance to be among friends.

We will generally have events located within the Pittsburgh city limits.

If you’re worried you won’t know anyone, please push that fear aside. As Catholics and as humans, we know we benefit from meeting and connecting with others. In a city where there are many people, you can feel alone if you don’t find the courage every so often to say hello to someone new. Trust me, this is why many of us come to groups like this, it is to meet other great people like yourselves!

If you’re worried you’re not skilled enough, please don’t worry; we want to have fun with you and get to know you, not exhaust you and make you feel inadequate! All skill levels have joined our events in the past. And if you ever feel tired, there is nothing wrong with taking time to rest while others continue play.

Check us out on Facebook. Look forward to seeing you at an event!